Leading the freight forwarding industry to the digital age

We’re changing freight forwarding operations with our single, cloud-based platform

Making complex logistic solutions, simple

By leveraging the power of technology and data, we optimize the way that freight forwarders manage their operations today. Streamlined communication and information allows forwarders to offer groundbreaking customer experience.

Bring your business up to speed

Create connectivity across your operations and watch efficiency reach new heights. Our features meet and exceed industry standards, bringing an easy onboarding experience for you and your clients.


Gain full insight into your operations all in one place. Optimal decision making and coordinating action has never been easier.

Data analytics

Capture the value of your information and receive analytics that will help optimize your business, we crunch the numbers you see the results.


Create customizable reports to meet your business needs. Get the most out of your quarterly reviews and use our analysis to drive productivity and create new solutions.

Online quoting

Logixboard fuels freight forwarders online sales by allowing them to receive and provide quotes faster than ever.

Seamless integration

Integrate your systems to create connectivity across your supply chain making your online transition, effortless.

All-in-one invoicing

Allow your customers to easily access and pay their invoices all in one place. Integrate your billing software and create connectivity across your services.

Address book

With all your contacts in one place, provide quotes, assign shipments, store locations, and communicate with any of your existing clients at the click of a button.


Keep your customers up to speed with automatic notifications. Receive reminders to help follow-up with your client’s requests.

Safe and secure

Your information is a core part of your company’s success, that’s why we use state of the art technology to keep it secure.

LogixBoard allows Freight Forwarders to remain competitive in an industry being disrupted by digitalization
Julian AlvarezPresident - Logixboard
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