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360 Logistics Group Unlocks New Opportunities with Support from Logixboard Partnership

About 360 Logistics Group

Founded in 1978 in Central Wellington, 360 Logistics Group has been dominating their local market for decades with its competitive customer service, extensive brokerage offerings and expertise, making it a standout player in the complex logistics space of New Zealand, where experience is crucial for successful shipments.

360 not only focuses on training a stellar team but also aims to provide the best technology to meet its customers’ needs. As a customer-centric business, they desired an enhanced experience for their shippers, especially with the rise of new digital solutions in the logistics industry. This realization prompted their search for an upgraded customer experience tool that could match the caliber of their existing offerings.

As an established player in the industry, 360 was already set on the forwarding, business, and customer service fronts. Now, they were set on finding a digital solution and partnership that would augment their team’s efforts to provide a better experience for all parties.

Transforming Business with a Top-Notch Customer Experience Platform

While the team at 360 was initially drawn to the user-friendly interface and visibility features of Logixboard, they were even more excited by the potential impact it could have on various aspects of their business.

According to 360 General Manager Scott Thompson, “It’s a system that can involve everyone, from a warehouse manager to the CFO, and they’ll all find something that suits them.”

Providing Enhanced Visibility

Since the inception of their partnership with Logixboard, 360 Logistics Group has valued the platform’s ability to offer shippers more detailed visibility into their shipments.

Logixboard’s ETA variances have also supported 360 Logistics Group in their goal of maintaining constant information flow and transparency with shippers. Not long ago, the slight ETA variances resulting from external factors during the course of a shipment were not commonly shared in the industry. 

“This system is designed to give them news, good and bad – things like ETA variance,” said Scott Thompson.

As variances have become more frequent and substantial, being able to provide their clients with visibility into timeline changes has enabled 360 Logistics Group to become a stronger partner in their supply chain strategy and stakeholder communications.

Streamlining the Day-to-Day for Operators

360 has discovered that Logixboard has also made the work of their operators much more manageable. The platform’s organized messaging system, self-serve access to the most accurate visibility data, and the shipper’s ability to create their reports and dashboards have made their internal operations more efficient.

“Now we direct them [our clients] to Logixboard and they can go get documents they need at their own leisure,” said Scott Thompson. “There are a lot of little things like that, which add up to time-saving for operators.”

Digital document management on Logixboard has also been one of the most impactful features for this team’s internal efficiency. From document uploading, access to shipping invoices, and sharing final invoices from 360, the self-serve access makes everyone’s lives easier.

360 operators now have more opportunities to communicate critical information about jobs to shippers, meet with clients, and contribute critical thinking and strategy to every workflow they are involved in.

“We get a level of efficiency out of this system that we can’t see from any other approach,” said Derek Nind, Managing Director at 360. “You’ve got all the information you need for your customer and it’s actually a lot more efficient. Those are two things we need to be chasing on a daily basis.”

Profiting from Quick Time to Value

360 Logistics Group has received positive feedback from clients on their new customer experience tool, including major names in the automobile production industry. The enhanced visibility offering accessible to shippers through 360 Logistics Group’s custom-branded platform has added value to client discussions and meetings.

“They give us kudos for listening to them and addressing their wishlist items,” said Scott Thompson.

Marketing the platform on their website and in sales discussions has also proven to be useful in attracting new clients, providing a warm introduction to what digital customer experience 360 can offer. 

Customers are increasingly seeking visibility, accessibility, and technology that matches their growing expectations from products seen in their daily lives (such as Amazon package tracking and live-tracking in food delivery apps). Now, 360 is offering that and more.

Delivering World Class Customer Experience

360 Logistics Group was able to meet the growing demand for digital customer experience without spending millions of dollars or investing in new software development employees. By partnering with Logixboard, they were able to quickly deliver value with a seamless solution, integrated to their TMS. while also providing a well-received digital tool for their customers, further enhancing their competitive service offerings.

At its core, freight forwarding relies on dedicated employees who care about providing efficient and effective service to their clients. With 360 Logistics Group employees already strengthening relationships with top agents and suppliers, technology is used as a tool to enhance their robust processes within internal operations. The constant enhancements to the Logixboard product, based on growing expectations and new technology in the industry, have set 360 up for continued success in putting its customers first.

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