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Oxen Cargo Furthers Commitment to Customer Experience by Partnering With Logixboard

About Oxen Cargo

Oxen Cargo, based in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, is a freight forwarding company that was established seven years ago. From the beginning, the company has prioritized customer service and building strong relationships with its clients. Their mission is to stay ahead of logistics challenges and provide a personalized and humanized experience. 

Despite its growth, Oxen Cargo remains committed to maintaining its unique culture. They take pride in supporting their team through expansion without compromising their values. With a succinct and dedicated workforce, Oxen Cargo can offer their customers the same, if not better, services of larger players in the industry. 

They believe that being a smaller company allows them to provide a more focused and personalized approach to their clients. Recognizing the increasing role of technology in the logistics industry, Oxen Cargo actively sought out solutions like Logixboard to enhance its customer offerings. 

They understand that technology is not just the future but an integral part of the present. By embracing platforms like Logixboard, Oxen Cargo demonstrates its commitment to staying ahead of industry trends and providing its customers with the best service and tools available in the market.

Retaining Top Customers with Digital Customer Experience

Oxen Cargo discovered Logixboard as it sought innovative technology to provide its customers with a digital customer experience and enhanced visibility. 

The urgency to find the right customer solution was heightened when one of Oxen Cargo’s top customers mentioned the digital offerings of a major competitor they were considering. This particular customer, with multiple factories in Brazil, required comprehensive tracking and visibility capabilities. 

In a crucial call with the customer, Oxen Cargo was informed that they needed to offer a digital solution or risk losing the business.

“We secured our customer and we are still working with them,” said Hernan Wilkins, Director at Oxen Cargo, about their top customer after showcasing their investment in Logixboard.

Hernan Wilkins emphasizes the strong partnership between Oxen Cargo and Logixboard as a key factor in their decision to collaborate since 2020. The integration of their transportation management system (TMS) with Logixboard has been remarkably successful in differentiating Oxen Cargo’s business in the Brazilian market.

Oxen Cargo is actively offering the Logixboard platform to all its existing customers, as well as utilizing it to attract new prospects and drive internal efficiency improvements. The combination of Logixboard and their TMS has proven to be a winning strategy for Oxen Cargo, enabling them to differentiate themselves in their region and provide a superior customer experience.

Customers are Delighted by Digital Offerings

Oxen Cargo has received positive feedback from its customers regarding the technology offerings provided through its partnership with Logixboard. While still prioritizing the delivery of exceptional human service, Oxen Cargo has successfully migrated much of the manual communication involved in the shipping process to the Logixboard platform. This shift has eliminated the need for much of their email correspondence, allowing most interactions to occur online.

“The feedback on Logixboard is great from this customer,” said Hernan Wilkins. “We are not working by email anymore, everything is online.”

Their customers now have enhanced visibility and the ability to address many of their inquiries independently through the streamlined experience. 

Hernan Wilkins acknowledges that there may be a learning curve for customers initially, but Oxen Cargo actively assists them in adopting the Logixboard platform. Once customers become accustomed to the platform, they find it challenging to switch to competitors who do not offer a similar level of customer experience.

“Once they’re in, using our TMS with Logixboard and our services, it’s very difficult for them to change from us,” said Hernan Wilkins about how hard it is for their customers to go back to competitors that aren’t offering the Logixboard dashboard.

Oxen Cargo is dedicated to continually improving its approach to selling Logixboard offerings, both to customers and within industry relationships. The company aims not only to increase customer usage of the platform but also to emphasize its services as a differentiating factor in sales discussions. 

The appeal of Logixboard is particularly evident among Oxen Cargo’s newer and larger customers who handle a higher volume of shipments. With an increase in shipments comes a greater demand for visibility and tracking information. 

“We know this [Logixboard] is our competitive advantage,” said Hernan Wilkins.

Logixboard’s ability to provide consolidated data in one place significantly reduces the back-and-forth communication for both parties involved. 

Furthermore, Hernan Wilkins believes that all customers with more than five shipments per month can tangibly experience the efficiency and visibility benefits of using the Logixboard platform. It has become a highly regarded tool among the main customers Oxen Cargo works with.

Seeing Internal Efficiency on Multiple Levels

After a quick integration process, Logixboard has made a significant impact on internal operations at Oxen Cargo by reducing the need for manual communications across various mediums. This has also led to increased data entry accuracy procedures. 

Integrating Logixboard with Oxen Cargo’s TMS proved to be a seamless and time-efficient process. The company was able to quickly utilize the platform with its customers. 

Hernan Wilkins expressed his surprise at the speed and ease of the integration and onboarding process with Logixboard, stating, “It was very, very fast and very easy. I was telling Julian, ‘Come on. You’re telling me that in two weeks the integration is going to be ready?'” 

The Logixboard platform empowers Oxen Cargo’s customers to serve themselves by providing a centralized self-serve location for uploading/accessing documents, messaging questions or comments, and accessing key visibility data on shipments. These capabilities significantly enhance the operational efficiency of operators, enabling them to scale the number of shipments they manage. 

Hernan Wilkins said, “Oxen Cargo is not going back to sending thousands of emails to coordinate a shipment.”

Oxen Cargo has also noted that the platform’s increased visibility motivates its internal team to maintain a high level of data accuracy in its TMS. Inaccurate or missing data in their TMS would be reflected similarly in their customers’ views on the Logixboard platform.

Balancing Traditional Strategies with Innovation to Thrive

Oxen Cargo has found the right solution and partner in Logixboard, a platform that enables them to offer digital experiences that align with the expectations of new shippers, while preserving the importance of personalized and traditional services within the logistics industry. Recognizing the gradual yet inevitable digitization of the industry, Oxen Cargo is determined to lead the way in embracing these innovations.

“If you’re thinking of growing, getting more customers in, and being one of the best agents in the market,” said Hernan Wilkins. “You need to have technology.”

They understand the diverse landscape of technology adoption within the logistics sector, with younger generations gravitating towards online tools and older generations seeking reassurance through their preferred manual customer service. To cater to these varied preferences, Oxen Cargo aims to stay ahead of the industry curve by offering cutting-edge technological solutions in their region, while simultaneously ensuring exceptional human interactions delivered by their team of friendly experts.

Hernan Wilkins said that if integration is feasible for a freight forwarder’s TMS, if they are ready to make the investment in a digital customer experience for their customers, and if “they want to be top-notch in the market,” they need to go with Logixboard.

They firmly believe that choosing Logixboard is essential for Oxen Cargo’s continued dominance in their market. By partnering with Logixboard, Oxen Cargo can bridge the gap between digital and traditional services, providing a seamless and customer-centric logistics experience that meets the evolving needs of shippers.

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