From Good to Great: Investing in Tech to Give Customers the VIP Treatment


Presented by Logixboard & Averitt Express

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About this logistics business webinar

This year’s TPMTech keynote address posed the question, “What technology moves the needle from a shipper’s perspective?”

The truth is that customer expectations have changed. Shippers now expect the same level of transparency and ease of doing business from their logistics partners as if they were buying something from Amazon. 

And most freight forwarders are struggling to deliver – providing visibility in the forms of siloed portals and spreadsheets.

In this webinar, we’re joined by Averitt Express’ VP of International Solutions, Charlie McGee, and Logixboard’s VP of Sales, Beth Thorson, to discuss why logistics service providers should make improving the customer experience an integral part of their offering, how giving shippers better visibility and control of their shipments creates opportunities for the entire business, and what a premium experience looks like in action.

Meet your hosts

Beth Thorson
VP of Sales at Logixboard
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Charlie McGee
VP of International Solutions at Averitt
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Kelsey Durrett
Senior Product Marketing Manager at Logixboard
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