Going Beyond the First Step: Making Your Tech Work for You

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As a wave of digitization sweeps the freight forwarding industry, it can be easy to get overwhelmed. As your list of tech needs continues to grow, you may begin to wonder, “Does this solution have tangible business benefits, or does it just look good on paper?” Some logistics professionals have even raised their doubts about […]

Logistics Tech 101: TMS vs. CX Platform


When it comes to creating a powerful logistics tech stack, there’s no silver bullet. Rather, successful freight forwarders leverage a combination of solutions to maximize productivity while also delivering the best experience to their customers. While a transportation management system (TMS) can increase efficiency in your internal operations, a customer experience (CX) platform gives your […]

5 Key Performance Metrics for Freight Forwarders

An important benefit that digitization offers the logistics industry is the ability to easily analyze data, resulting in the successful identification and monitoring of important business metrics. These key performance indicators (KPIs) give freight forwarders a better understanding of their performance and company health so that adjustments can be made to achieve internal goals.  In […]

7 Change Management Mistakes Freight Forwarders Make

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When beginning a company-wide transformation, many business leaders focus on the first steps– researching and purchasing a solution for their team. However, they tend to overlook the transition piece, expecting their employees to immediately adopt the change into their day-to-day routine. No matter the size of your company, implementing organizational change is a complicated process. […]

How Much Time Is Your Operations Team Losing on Manual Tasks?

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The freight forwarding industry has a long way to go when it comes to optimization. From decentralized communication strategies to cumbersome booking processes, and everything in-between, minor inefficiencies can add up and slow down your operation. According to data by RPA Labs, freight forwarders spend an average of 113 minutes processing shipments, with most time […]

3 Tech Solutions To Help Your Operations Team

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With ongoing recruitment and retention challenges in logistics, operations teams across the industry are finding themselves overwhelmed as they try to keep up with growing demand. To combat this, many forwarders are turning to digital solutions to reduce their team’s workload […]

How to Use Shipping Data to Improve Logistics Management

In an industry filled with data, being data driven as a logistics service provider should be a no brainer. Analyzing shipping data can be used to gain a competitive advantage in freight forwarding by informing logistics decisions and fueling the thought behind future strategies. The maximum potential impact of utilizing your data will not be […]

Build the Ultimate 3PL Tech Stack

Digitization in freight forwarding has become less of a question of “should we?” and more of a discussion on “how?” Your tech stack should add efficiency to your internal teams while also leveling up the experience your customers receive while working with your company. It is important to evaluate your company’s individual challenges to decide […]

One Pitfall To Avoid When Managing Data as a Freight Forwarder

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As the logistics industry evolves, reliable data is becoming table stakes for stakeholders across the transit process. Data visibility and insights are a growing expectation for shippers when working with carriers and forwarders. Meanwhile, more freight forwarders are seeing benefits from using their data internally to track day-to-day activities, optimize operations, and improve business intelligence. However, many forwarders make one key mistake in handling their data: an over reliance on manual processes. Let’s get into the risks of manual data entry in freight forwarding, and how you can leverage automation to get ahead of the competition […]

Digital Change Management in Freight Forwarding: 3 Strategies to Implement

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From automation to enhanced customer experience, the need for digitization is rapidly accelerating in the freight forwarding industry. Due to a combination of stiffening competition and rising customer expectations, it’s becoming more important than ever to invest in software to take your organization to the next level […]