How Can 3PLs Prepare for Peak Season?

Peak season in logistics refers to the increased freight volume associated with back-to-school purchases and stocking up inventory for the upcoming holiday season. It is prime time for retail, resulting in increased demand across many markets. Retailers clearing their summer inventories also contribute to the craze. Typically starting mid-August and continuing through the end of […]

Are Shippers Still Using Just-in-Time Delivery?

shipping warehouse with boxes

Just-in-time delivery has long been touted as a key cost-saving, quality-maximizing strategy in the shipping industry. However, prolonged logistics challenges in recent years have called the method into question due to its lack of consideration for unexpected circumstances. With the pandemic changing the conversation around operating methods, many companies are struggling to figure out how […]

Common Causes of Delays During Ocean Forwarding

Cargo is shipped across the world to fuel global businesses and commerce, with 90% of traded goods carried by sea. Maritime trade volumes are predicted to triple by 2050. As such, ocean forwarding provides the main transport routes for global trade. But, with this amount of responsibility comes opportunities and challenges. Delays are an unavoidable […]

What Is Last Mile Delivery?

trucks driving on the road

Last mile delivery has become a hot topic in the logistics industry over the past few years. While it’s not necessarily new, growing demand for same-day delivery has emphasized the need for efficient final mile shipping processes. In fact, some experts predict that the last mile industry will grow by nearly $75 billion by 2026. […]

Common Delays for Air Freight Forwarding

Every type of freight shipping can face challenges that delay customer cargo arrival. Although there is much overlap in what exceptions may arise for a shipment based on transportation modes, each mode has its own set of more commonly faced delays that should be analyzed to minimize their impact on the overall delivery timeline. Shipping […]

How To Avoid Demurrage Fees (and Save Your Customers Money)

shipping container getting unloaded at the port

As container rates fall from their peak, shippers are finally getting a respite from inflated shipping costs over the past couple of years. However, many are still dealing with the added expenses of demurrage and detention fees. While any unexpected charge can be frustrating, many are often avoidable. Let’s talk about the issue of demurrage […]

The Most Common PGA Agencies for US Import Holds

Partner Government Agencies (PGAs) regulate commodities entering the U.S. The types of commodities that each PGA regulates are specified by the agency’s overall goals and jurisdictions. Customs & Border Protection (CBP) is not only managing their own examinations of incoming goods, but it’s tasked with enforcing regulations on behalf of PGAs as well.  Freight forwarders […]

Get “Scary Good” at Retaining Your Freight Forwarding Customers

Conversations about staying competitive in the wake of digitization are at the forefront of discussions for many traditional freight forwarders, but it is also vital to create strategies to nurture current relationships with customers as well. Strong relationships with your current customers can help reduce churn, increase referrals, and aid sales enablement through strong customer […]

Navigating the Freight Booking Process

person in a packing warehouse

If your booking management feels unnecessarily long and arduous, that’s probably because it is. The freight booking process poses a challenge to shippers and forwarders alike, often requiring 10-20 emails from request to confirmation. As a freight forwarder, it’s your job to knock down roadblocks that stand between you and potential customers. So, let’s talk […]

Harness Flexport’s Secret Sauce – Customer Experience

Flexport was founded in 2013 and within a decade has grown to become one of the largest freight forwarders in the world. In an industry that has been slow to adopt technology and innovation, they stood out amongst their competition. But is that what they attribute their success to? Being different? In a McKinsey & […]