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Logixboard, a customer experience platform for logistics service providers, today released a new trucking (also called road freight) solution that will help CargoWise users give their customers real-time updates on the location of their cargo.

Julian Alvarez, CEO and founder of Logixboard, says, “Our new trucking solution aims to streamline the operational process of our clients by giving them the same best-in-class experience they’ve come to expect from our international offering, but applied to domestic (and international in some cases) trucking jobs.”

Tackling The Drayage Challenge

One of the biggest challenges today is finding up-to-date information on short haul moves lasting 1 to 2 hours, spanning back and forth between warehouse and port. Many carriers are unlikely to provide in-depth and easy to use tracking tools or platforms to track these short distances. For this reason it’s very hard for clients of the LSP to receive regular updates on the location of their cargo.

Logixboard is solving this visibility by taking the information LSPs receive from ports or warehouses and displaying it directly to their clients instantly, all within the Logixboard platform. LSP clients no longer have to call, email or fax to get updates, rather they are delighted through a modern and easy digital experience. This will also result in reducing stress on LSP internal teams by eliminating manual operations, letting them focus on more urgent tasks.

Solving Over The Road Inefficiencies

The global trucking industry is vast, being bigger than both ocean and air combined. With this space also being so fragmented though,there are millions of carriers that make up this sector, spanning in scope from both small businesses to large operations  (95% of US carriers have less than 10 trucks). The decentralization  of carriers means that there are also disjointed  technologies and processes.

Many of the systems used by LSPs don’t have a tool that allows them to provide their customers with the self-serve critical shipment data they are looking for. Logixboard’s new trucking solution provides self-serve, real-time data to LSPs and their clients, which helps them plan and better execute on supply chain management activities.

This new trucking solution aims to give the LSP’s clients a one stop shop for all their trucking visibility needs, strengthening brand loyalty and making it easier to retain business.

Trucking Visibility is only the first step of Logixboard’s mission to streamline the global supply chain for a better connected world.

“Connections mean everything both in life and in logistics” said Julian Alvarez, CEO and founder of Logixboard. “The new Trucking Visibility offering represents a huge step for us in tying together supply chain data, integrating with different systems and showcasing an entire shipment journey from start to end. We like to say that our goal is to provide our partners and their clients with a single view of all their systems into one single pane of glass. We want to make it as easy and accessible as possible to find critical information in a matter of seconds”.

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About Logixboard

Logixboard is a digital customer experience solution for logistics service providers and customs brokers. Their white-labeled software enables logistics service providers to compete and win in the rapidly digitizing and changing freight forwarding industry. The easy-to-use, modern platform enables logistics service providers (LSPs) to deliver a differentiated service experience, delight and retain more customers while increasing sales and winning new business. The platform integrates directly with LSPs’ operating systems and can be implemented in less than three weeks, with little to no internal effort.