Streamlined Bookings Experience Now Available in Logixboard

Latest feature moves logistics service providers from manual, time consuming workflows to a modern, streamlined digital experience their customers are seeking.

The bookings workflow for logistics service providers has traditionally been a tedious, time-consuming, and manual process, creating a poor experience for shippers, agents, and operators.

Most new bookings involve several parties, coordinating a single shipment through dozens of emails and phone calls. Data management at this stage is scattered. Booking requests, statuses, rates, and options are tracked and stored in multiple systems, often organized and entered manually by operators and customers.

This creates a fragmented, disjointed, and inefficient experience. Confusion reigns, leaving customers and operators frustrated.

In the resulting operator burnout and customer dismay, traditional forwarders are left at a competitive disadvantage, compounding the growing threat of digital-first forwarders.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

Today, we announced the availability of our new bookings feature that streamlines the bookings process and enhances the bookings experience for logistics providers who use CargoWise and Logixboard.

A Streamlined Process, All In One Place

Logixboard Bookings centralizes the booking process so our customers can offer a comprehensive experience on a single platform. In one more step toward our goal of eliminating manual workflows, this feature helps forwarders consolidate the shipping process for their customers.

In this new module, shippers can request bookings with just a few clicks, see all their requests at a glance, track their statuses, and review and respond to options presented by their forwarders.

Now, our customers can offer a platform where shippers can request and manage bookings, track shipments, manage and pay invoices, and communicate with their logistics providers all in one place– your custom-branded version of Logixboard.


Simplifying a Complex Process: How Logixboard Bookings Works

Booking a shipment is a complicated process. With shifting schedules, volatile rates, and countless parameters in each request, it’s no wonder many forwarders are content to coordinate details over the phone or email.

We knew that taking this process and streamlining it on the Logixboard platform would be a challenge. But in building this feature, we’re proud to have made a major step in simplifying shipping workflows for our customers.


Here’s the Logixboard Bookings process in a nutshell.

Operators are alerted when a new request is submitted so they can respond quickly. They see all the bookings requests and their statuses in one place, rather than trying to manage them all through long email threads and spreadsheets.

Operators can present multiple options to customers directly within Logixboard.

Customers are alerted, and can review and approve options with just a few clicks.

If questions arise at any point during this process, both operators and customers can use a built-in messenger to communicate. These messages will be saved together so users can access a record of all the details and communications regarding that specific booking in one place.

Built-In Exceptions and Reminders To Keep Everyone On Track

We know that offering a list of options isn’t the end of the forwarder’s role in the booking creation process. Circumstances change and availability runs out, and that could mean sending off a last-minute reminder email or going back to the drawing board after your customer misses a deadline.

That’s why we equipped our bookings module with built-in exceptions and reminders. With this enhancement, operators no longer have to manually remind customers by phone or email about open bookings and expiring rates. That means fewer messages, happier customers, and more on-time departures.

bookings exceptions

Leveling the Playing Field With an Elevated Booking Experience

We’re so excited to help our customers provide a streamlined booking experience to their shippers. Upon implementing this feature, forwarders can pull back from outdated systems, further consolidating processes for their team and their customers.

In giving customers visibility into the forwarder’s side of the booking process, this new feature can help both parties coordinate more effectively from the very beginning of their partnership.

As prospects and customers become accustomed to the ease and speed with which they can create bookings, this offering will become a key differentiator for forwarders using Logixboard– especially when combined with their industry expertise and long-standing relationships.


A More Competitive and Connected Customer Experience

At Logixboard, we’ve made it our mission to streamline the global supply chain. With our new bookings feature, we’re excited to continue our work toward that goal.

By partnering with Logixboard, our forwarders can provide their customers with one place to create, view, and manage their shipments in a modern, custom-branded platform that is connected directly to CargoWise.

After a quick, fully-supported integration process (and no need to rip and replace), Logixboard sits on top of your existing TMS software to bring your customers a next-level customer experience, with enhanced visibility and streamlined processes.

It’s a win-win-win:

  • Your customers will love having everything in one easy to use platform.
  • Your sales team will love having modern, flashy technology to help them win more new clients.
  • Your operators will love all the extra time they have to focus on higher value customer interactions.

Come see the entire Logixboard experience. Schedule your personalized demo today!