Delight your customers, grow your sales

Demo the #1 customer experience platform for global logistics

From real-time visibility to sales enablement, Logixboard arms you with the software and services to deliver a remarkable digital customer experience and compete against digital-first forwarders and large multinationals.

Real-Time Shipment Visibility
Order Visibility
Invoice Management
Detailed Analytics & Reporting
Built-In Messaging
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Compete with anyone

Give your team confidence going head-to-head against digital-first forwarders, local agents, and large multinationals.

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Retain customers

Delight customers, expand your share of volume and renew more large contracts with a modern, digital shipping experience.

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Supercharge sales

Attract customers and close more deals with a differentiated service offering and turn-key sales and marketing resources.

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Increase margins

Eliminate unnecessary phone calls and emails, and make your team more focused and efficient.

 Proven ROI

Drive fast, meaningful impact to your business

Logixboard customers report huge and immediate impacts to their businesses after implementing our product. Below is the average ROI over 12 months, based on a December 2021 customer survey.

New Sales
$ 0 M
Retained Contracts
$ 0 M
Hours Saved

“In three months, we fully implemented Logixboard, and not only did this help us retain our current customers, but we won an additional $50M worth of new revenue...”

Brandon Mueller
VP North America, RIM Logistics, Ltd.

 Our Product

Real-time visibility
on demand

Give your customers real-time shipment tracking, invoicing, analytics and more in a modern, user friendly interface that integrates quickly and seamlessly with your current logistics software.

real time shipment visibility
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No more chasing documents

Customers can upload/download shipment documents. Documents sync with your TMS in real-time. Automatic notifications alert you and your customers anytime a new document is uploaded.

Customers save time by eliminating back and forth emails and phone calls, and reduce the risk of delays, customs holds and fees.

And your team won’t have to spend time chasing down customs and other documents.

Beautiful analytics
and reports

In reaction to customer requests for reporting, you’ve created complex, time-consuming custom spreadsheet reports. Eliminate customer friction and decrease waiting times so your customer gets beautifully organized reports on demand.

Your customers save time with built-in reports and make better decisions to optimize their supply chain.

You get to eliminate compiling data, managing spreadsheets and manually creating QBRs.

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 Our Customers

Trusted by logistics providers around
the globe

Go with a proven customer experience software built by international logistics and technology experts, and validated by thousands of logistics providers and their customers across 12 countries.

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Turnkey integrations that are easy on your team

We’ve built best-in-class, seamless integrations with CargoWise and Descartes so you can quickly go to market without changing internal workflows. Our technical team handles the integration so your employees can keep doing what they do best - serving your customers.

Integrate TMS