5 Tips for Small-Medium Freight Forwarders to Compete in 2022

As the freight forwarding market grows, many established players are finding it increasingly difficult to stay competitive. The changing landscape of geopolitical conflict, economic instability, and a rise in digitization, only adds to the pressure and challenges faced by forwarders. While it’s hard to predict what’s to come, one thing is clear: many freight forwarders […]

Top 5 Ways to Make Your Freight Forwarding Operation More Efficient

Success in freight forwarding depends on a massive number of KPIs. You must demonstrate your ability to find the best routes, select the most cost effective transportation modes (while still meeting deadlines), handle customs, uphold high standards of customer service, respond accurately and quickly to a multitude of stakeholders – the list is long and […]

How You Can Leverage Technology to Ease COVID’s Impact On Your Business

You’ve likely read your fair share of COVID-19 articles, and at this point, would probably prefer if we talked about literally anything else.  But, this is the state of the world today, and we are all hunting for solutions to overcome the new problems we are facing as professionals, as family members – as humans. […]