The Power of Customer Experience in Freight Forwarding with Freightwaves

Download Our Latest Report The Power of Customer Experience in Freight Forwarding A study conducted in partnership with FreightWave that uncovers the significant impact of technology and customer experience in the freight forwarding industry. A study conducted in partnership with FreightWave that uncovers the significant impact of technology and customer experience in the freight forwarding […]

Why to Buy, Not Build, Your Digital Customer Experience

With a push to digitize being felt across the logistics industry, a tech-enabled Customer Experience has become a driving force in the decision-making process for shippers as they evaluate freight forwarders. Many forwarders are already seeing the ROI of digitizing through their happy customers, their efficient operations, and the overall success of their businesses. But […]

3 Signs Your Freight Forwarding Customer Experience Needs an Upgrade

How Customer Experience impacts employee turnover, customer churn, and win rates. Shippers’ standards are changing drastically. The good news is that if you’re reading this article you are already taking the first step towards maintaining (or recovering) your competitive edge in the market: looking critically at your offerings and staying up to date of industry […]

3 Reasons Your Freight Forwarding Company Should Invest in Customer Experience Software

More than ever, it’s important for freight forwarders to adopt technology that helps evolve and modernize their Customer Experience. While many forwarders still see this type of investment as a cost center, it should actually be viewed as the revenue generator and profit center it truly is. As shippers/BCOs continue to demand more technology and […]

Don’t Lose Sight: Even as we digitize, logistics is still about the people

This story has been told before. From the warehouse-like Costco to the completely online Zappos, time and time again successful companies are built by going above and beyond for their customers. And while some may argue that crediting these businesses with “revolutionizing customer service” may be a bit generous, these case studies are certainly nice […]

Freight Forwarders Are Integrating Digital Technology As A Revenue Driver

The digital landscape in the logistics industry is changing fast. Increasing demand from shippers for digital experiences is driving huge investments into digital freight forwarders and technology providers. As forwarders and customs brokers jump into the new waters of digital technology, it’s important to understand how this investment will impact the top and bottom line.  […]

Does Your Freight Forwarding Company Meet Shipper Expectations?

With the scarce capacity and high demand of orders, 2021 was an extremely busy year for freight forwarders managing existing and new customer shipments. As shippers continue to scour the market for partners that can help them move record volumes of freight, the question forwarders need to ask is “Am I offering a competitive service […]

How Technology is Changing Customer Service for Freight Forwarders

Talk to any successful Freight Forwarder and they will tell you that their business lives or dies by their Customer Service.  But over the past few years, we’ve seen huge changes to shipper expectations of Customer Service, largely driven by new technologies.  For logistics providers to thrive in the new world, it’s critical to understand […]

[Podcast] Give Your Customers Ultimate Shipment Visibility

Logixboard CEO Julian Alvarez joined the amazing Sarah Barnes-Humphrey on the Let’s Talk Supply Chain Podcast podcast and discussed His entrepreneurial journey and the value of taking a people first approach How Logixboard creates amazing experiences that Freight Forwarders can deliver to their customers The latest trends in logistics And why visibility across the entire […]