On-Demand: From Booking to Warehouse

ON-DEMAND From Booking to the Warehouse How to offer your clients an end-to-end digital customer experience that will drive revenue Presented by the teams at OrangeLime Consulting and Logixboard Watch the discussion below: About this logistics business webinar Join us as we bring expert logistics tech consultants and providers together with successful forwarders to discuss […]

The Key to Customer Retention: Real-Time Shipment Visibility

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With frequent delays across the supply chain combined with recurring container shortages, shippers are scrambling to take control of their shipments. As unexpected shocks spur knock-on effects for the rest of the industry, many logistics professionals are investing resources into accessing information as early as possible. As the freight forwarding landscape undergoes constant disruptions, real-time […]

Customer Service vs. Customer Experience

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With customers at the center of freight forwarding, many companies are seeking out ways to make their business more user-centric. However, as much of the industry undergoes a digital transformation, putting customers first means more than just providing one-on-one support. Rather, many businesses are shifting their focus to improving the overall customer experience (CX), starting […]

Are You Charging Enough? How Freight Forwarders Can Increase Pricing Without Losing Deals

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Turning a profit as a freight forwarder isn’t always a given. Especially in a crowded market, many forwarders struggle to offer competitive prices while preserving their margins. Fortunately, by leveling up your services, you can provide customers with enough value to justify raising your rates. Setting prices as a freight forwarder When a shipper starts […]

Top 5 Logistics Digitization Trends in 2022

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In 2022, the influence of digitization has accelerated across the logistics market. Adopting the right solutions to streamline your operations and improve customer experience is quickly becoming table stakes for competing. With the rapid advancement of technology in the industry, keeping up with the trends is critical to getting ahead and staying ahead. That’s why […]

4 Strategies to Compete with Digital Forwarders

Opposing the trend of slow technology adoption, digital forwarders have disrupted the logistics industry and created a new set of expectations for forwarders. Prioritizing the level of service that customers have throughout their shipment has always been top of mind for freight forwarders, and that hasn’t changed. What has changed is how this service is delivered.  […]

How to Evaluate 3PL CX Platforms

The pandemic disruption, supply chain delays, and emergence of digital forwarders have contributed to the rise in importance of customer experience (CX) in the logistics industry. A focus on people has always been centered in the 3PL industry, but in 2022, that now highlights the need for traditional freight forwarders to add digital CX platforms […]

The Power of Customer Experience in Freight Forwarding with Freightwaves

Download Our Latest Report The Power of Customer Experience in Freight Forwarding A study conducted in partnership with FreightWave that uncovers the significant impact of technology and customer experience in the freight forwarding industry. A study conducted in partnership with FreightWave that uncovers the significant impact of technology and customer experience in the freight forwarding […]

Why to Buy, Not Build, Your Digital Customer Experience

With a push to digitize being felt across the logistics industry, a tech-enabled Customer Experience has become a driving force in the decision-making process for shippers as they evaluate freight forwarders. Many forwarders are already seeing the ROI of digitizing through their happy customers, their efficient operations, and the overall success of their businesses. But […]