Automating Your Freight Forwarding Operations: 5 CargoWise Features To Increase Efficiency

The future of automation is a hot topic in today’s labor market, with McKinsey Global Institute predicting that half of today’s work could be automated by 2055. Coming from the traditionally manual logistics industry, the prospect of a tech-run world can sound daunting. That’s why preparation-oriented forwarders are starting to ease streamlined processes into their […]

Utilizing Ocean Carrier Messaging in CargoWise

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Direct communications with an assigned ocean carrier is necessary for a logistics service provider during the management of a shipment or container. CargoWise’s Ocean Carrier Messaging feature gives their users capabilities to send Booking Requests, Shipping Instructions, and Verified Gross Container Weight Messages (eVGM) to the Ocean Carrier digitally (directly or through a service provider).  […]

Maximizing your ROI: Integrating CargoWise One with Logixboard

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CargoWise has been helping logistics professionals improve speed and efficiency in their freight operations for decades. Since the first version of CargoWise was launched in 1994, it’s grown to serve over 18,000 organizations across 165 countries. However, in the new age of logistics digitization, using a strong TMS is no longer enough to compete and […]

How Can You Create a Spot Quote or One-Off Quote on CargoWise?

Freight forwarding and brokerage operations can reach new levels of productivity and efficiency with CargoWise’s Quotations and One Off Quotes features that allow users to create and send quotes directly through the platform.  CargoWise One Off Quotes allow users to generate a one-time quote using the information they have on a potential shipment.  Creating a […]

What is CargoWise?

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CargoWise is a leading transport management system (TMS), servicing over 80% of the top 50 global 3PLs. The CargoWise One software is a single-platform solution with a complete suite of tools to streamline logistics operations for local supply chain providers, global freight forwarders, and everything in-between. Whether you’re ready to buy a new TMS solution, […]


Free CargoWise DocBuilder Training Guide A Guide To CargoWise DocBuilder and Customized Document Creation A training tool for freight forwarders and brokers to utilize CargoWise DocBuilder’s customizable formats for increased automation and productivity. Provided courtesy of the team at Logixboard to help logistics service providers offer a better experience for their customers, increase internal efficiency, […]

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Downloadable Guide to Quoting With CargoWise Modules

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Free CargoWise DocBuilder Training Guide Free CargoWise Training Guide for Quotations and One Off Quotes Downloadable Guide to Quoting With CargoWise Modules A training tool for freight forwarders to create rate cards and spot quotes using the CargoWise Quotations and One Off Quotes modules to improve efficiency and accuracy of internal processes. Download Now A […]

Utilizing CargoWise Partners to Master Workflows

CargoWise is a cloud-based digital software platform for logistics service providers to manage and execute their operations. They also offer a complete list of qualified platform experts to make sure forwarders have all they need to use their features successfully. These industry specialists are available to help on all sides of a forwarder’s process: Business […]