The Key to Maintaining Operational Efficiency From Bookings to Warehouse


Presented by NCBFAA & Logixboard

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About this logistics webinar

Rising costs in the industry have forced logistics operations to really analyze where they can add efficiency in their businesses.

Join our webinar “The Key to Maintaining Operational Efficiency From Bookings to Warehouse” to learn the essential strategies for optimizing your freight forwarding operation. Our panel of experts will share their insights on how to maximize labor output, strive for a paperless environment and implement automation where possible, master your TMS, prioritize change management, and invest in the right technology partners to help your organization thrive in today’s competitive landscape.


Meet your hosts

Julian Alvarez
CEO & Co-founder at Logixboard
Maryann Farrugia
Founder & Managing Director at Offshore Business Processing
Jon Bass
Business Development Regional Manager at Logixboard
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