Transparency & visibility at your fingertips

Solution to a Broken Experience

We fundamentally believe the freight shipping experience is broken. The lack of visibility, transparency and adequate communication channels has made shipping and managing freight operations tedious and confusing.

Data Dominates Everything

Visualize your global operations

LogixBoard gives you the ability to visualize your data through our advanced dashboards providing you metrics and tables that go beyond data sets.

Optimal decision making

Our Cloud based platform provides your team the right information to take action and drive efficiencies to new heights.

Innovative data-driven solutions

Discover new opportunities hidden within your data. By utilizing the power of big data analytics, artificial intelligence and IOT we provide new solutions.

Tracking = Visibility

Visibility for you and your customer

Give your receiving agent or customer access to tracking and reduce your time spent giving updates.

No more guessing ETA’s

With LogixBoard you can track your shipments all the way until they arrive at their final destination allowing you to optimize the amount of money spent on your warehouse labor force.

Gain peace of mind

Our 24/7 tracking allows you to always know where your shipment is, if there is a bump in the road we notify you allowing you to plan ahead for the unforeseen.

Booking and Quoting

No more waiting on the phone or emailing back and forth

Our easy to use booking system allows you to convert an order into a shipment in seconds.

Instantly request a quote

On average a quote request take 2-5 phone calls and up to 32 emails, not anymore. Request a quote online in a simple 2 step process.

Don’t fret, we send automatic reminders

If your quote request is not processed on time we automatically send your freight forwarder and friendly reminder, our goal is to provide a seamless experience.

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