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Increase Trust & Build Stronger Relationships with Shippers - A 2023 Sales Playbook for Freight Forwarders

Utilize this free step-by-step meeting playbook, outlined by industry expert discussions, to drive better relationships with your customers during sales meetings, resulting in increased revenue, customer retention, and bid expansion.

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A training tool for freight forwarders and freight brokers to utilize automation capabilities and technology to compete against digital-first forwarders.

In this paper, we will cover strategies for impactful meetings with shippers:
  • Keeping Meetings Consistent and Results Driven
  • Prioritizing Building Trust and Transparency 
  • Empowering Your Team with Technology 
  • Being a Strategic Partner 
  • Customer Expansion
  • Building a Resilient Operation 

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Keep Meetings Consistent and
Result Driven:

If your team can create a standard of consistent, scheduled, and productive external meetings with customers, you can build a stronger relationship as a strategic partner.

Prioritize Building Trust and Transparency with Shippers

Shippers will judge your services by how you handle when things don’t go to plan, not when it’s easy sailing. Ensure you are actively building trust with a focus of honest and transparent communications about delays/exceptions.

Empower Your Team with Technology and Sales Enablement

Operators should be able to help shippers along the whole process with industry knowledge, input on current events, and digital tools to increase impact. Instead of a particular emphasis on pieces of the transport process, automation gives your team members the tools to provide critical support with shippers from booking to delivery.

Be a Strategic Partner for Shippers

Make your relationship with customers more than transactional; highlight your focus on their business success as a partner.

Focus on Customer Expansion

Strategize business growth through not only new clients but also through winning larger volumes with current customers.

Understand Niches in Shipping and Your Ideal Shipper

Do your homework on a shipper’s industry before meeting with them. Know what challenges and unique processes different types of supply chains are subjected to and come with personalized support.

Build a Resilient Operation to Combat Industry Uncertainties

While COVID-19 was a black swan, it’s not the first event to impact supply chains on this scale, and it certainly won’t be the last.