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About this logistics webinar

Logixboard University 🎓 is a monthly webinar event where we open up the doors to our virtual campus and provide our customers with an in-depth view of the Logixboard platform, to focus in on recent and upcoming feature releases.

For this March ’23, we hosted an Open House🏠 to pull back the curtain and give our customers the opportunity to invite friends and colleagues to join in.

🚢 Shipment & Container Visibility

1️⃣ Streamlined Shipment Filters

Learn how this feature creates efficiencies for customers by making it easy for them to display active shipments and to filter out the rest.

2️⃣ TEUs Visibility in Analytics
Discover how this new and very requested feature release gives clients visibility into TEU data in an easy-to-read format.

3️⃣ ACT WriteBack To CargoWise
Learn how this feature streamlines the container tracking process by automatically passing container milestones from ACT to Cargowise so you never have to worry about discrepancies again.

🚢 Exceptions & Reminders

4️⃣ Container Exceptions & Reminder Rollup
See how this feature streamlines the customer experience by reducing exceptions/reminders.

🚢 Pre-Shipment & Bookings

5️⃣ Multi-Containers

Discover how you can easily create bookings that include more than one container type to better reflect your shipment needs.

🚢 Warehousing

6️⃣ Inventory Attributes

See how this new feature helps you to reduce the manual back-and-forth with POs by allowing you to easily break down inventory quantities by various attributes in Logixboard.

The discussion focused on several key areas where forwarders can invest to improve efficiency in their business:

  • Maximizing labor output
  • Striving to be paperless and leveraging automation
  • Taking the time to master your TMS
  • Prioritizing change management
  • Investing in the right technology partners

Meet your hosts

Juan Alvares
Co-founder & VP of CX
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Karen Mann
Customer Success Manager & CX Ops
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Eric Barzelogna
Product Marketing Specialist
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