Evaluating Freight Forwarding Technology in Today's Landscape


Presented by WCA, Aries Worldwide, & Logixboard

About this logistics business webinar

In today’s dynamic global market, the freight forwarding industry is witnessing an unprecedented transformation driven by rapid technological advancements. As supply chains become increasingly complex, companies are embracing innovative technologies to streamline their operations, enhance efficiency, and gain a competitive edge.

To remain at the forefront of this evolving landscape, freight forwarders must carefully assess and implement the right technology solutions. This webinar aims to provide valuable insights of the latest freight forwarding technologies available and the crucial factors to consider when evaluating and adopting them.

This discussion covers topics including:

  • Understanding the Current Landscape of Freight Forwarding Technology
  • Identifying the Key Challenges Faced by Freight Forwarders Today
  • Evaluating the Benefits of Adopting Freight Forwarding Technology
  • Exploring Innovative Freight Forwarding Solutions
  • Selecting the Right Technology Partner

Meet your hosts

Agashya Upadhya
VP of Product at Logixboard
Bryan Bartels
CTO & Corporate Counsel at Aries Worldwide Logistics
Bryce Barnhart
VP of North America at WCA

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