APRIL 2023

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Leveling Up Your Efficiency in a Modern Landscape

Maryann Farrugia

Managing Director at Offshore Business Processing

In the past few years, we’ve seen drastic shifts in the freight forwarding industry. During the pandemic, shipping margins were higher than ever. Now, in the current landscape, forwarders can’t afford to keep operating the way they did in the supply chain surge.

With the global labor shortage, logistics providers find that supplementing their existing team isn’t just beneficial to their business– it’s necessary. That’s where many forwarders have been seeking solutions like offshoring and automation.

But as I tell customers, this doesn’t have to be a complete overhaul. When you partner with companies like OBP and Logixboard, you don’t need to build an entire infrastructure before you can see a return. Instead, with these solutions, you have the ability to compete against multinationals without spending millions.

In this new landscape, I’m not sure how you will survive if you’re unwilling to adopt solutions like offshoring and technology. That’s why OBP is partnering with tech providers like Logixboard and Shipamax, even if it means losing a few agents. We know this technology is coming and want to be on the front foot.


As freight rates decline across the globe, efficiency is the name of the game for freight forwarders aiming to maximize profits in today’s industry 💸

Learn about how to cut costs and streamline your operations in the recent NCBFAA webinar: The Key to Maintaining Operational Efficiency From Bookings to Warehouse 📺


What’s new at Logixboard

Our product team has been busy! With new features to enhance shipment and container visibility, clean up notifications, and streamline the pre-shipment process, we’re always striving to make it easier for our forwarders (and their customers) to manage their shipments 🚢

But what’s even more exciting than expanding our platform is sharing it with freight forwarders looking to improve their operations 🙌

Want to see our recent updates and upcoming feature releases in action? Check out the latest edition of LXB U: Open House 🏠, now available in recording 🎥

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