Logixboard Offers Accurate And Compliant CO2 Emissions Tracking Data

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Seattle, Washington, June 28th, 2023 – Logixboard, a customer experience platform for logistics service providers, announced a partnership with Lune, a software that helps environmentally conscious companies calculate emissions.

Lune is audited and accredited by Smart Freight Centre, follows the GLEC Framework, and is compliant with ISO 14083, meaning it will provide accurate and compliant emissions tracking data directly on the Logixboard platform, starting today.

Julian Alvarez, CEO and founder of Logixboard, says, “CO2 emission tracking is becoming more important for logistics businesses globally, especially those with larger brand-conscious clients. We are seeing CO2 tracking as a requirement in RFQs/RFPs, and we know that many shippers are facing pressure from their consumers to ‘go green.’”

“CO2 emission tracking will help shippers better understand their carbon footprint and take steps to reduce their impact on the environment. We truly believe that sustainability in logistics will become even more important in the coming months and years as more regulations come into play.”

Accurate CO2 emission tracking is a critical step towards reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Calculations will be based on the shipment information coming from Logixboard (transport mode, weight distance) and will cover all available legs within the shipment. This new premium feature allows for accurate and comprehensive emission tracking, helping shippers identify where emissions can be reduced along the shipment lifecycle mitigating the impact on the environment.

Erik Stadigh, CEO of Lune, says, We are thrilled to support Logixboard in powering a climate offering that helps freight forwarders and custom brokers better prepare for current and impending logistics regulations while adding meaningful value to every customer experience.

By taking advantage of accurate CO2 tracking, logistics service providers can demonstrate their commitment to sustainability and protecting the environment. It can also lead to cost savings and improved efficiency, making it a win-win for both companies and the environment.

“CO2 is a huge value add for us,” said Tom Peacock, President at Worldwide Logistics Group. “We are starting to see this in RFPs as part of the bidding process. It’s going to start coming up more and more as time goes on, so we need to have an answer for that.”

If your company is interested in learning more about CO2 emissions tracking and how it can help your customers reduce their carbon footprint, contact [email protected] today.

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