The Route to Digital ROI

 How to Integrate Digital Tech to Drive Revenue

Presented by the Freight & Trade Alliance (FTA) and Logixboard

In this on-demand logistics business webinar

The modernization of the logistics industry is accelerating. As freight forwarders and customs brokers rush to adopt new digital technologies it’s critical to understand which investments will help future-proof your business and improve your bottom line–and which will not.

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Adopting Tech

Discussion on the true costs of digitizing vs the opportunity costs of not along with which digital technologies to consider.

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Lessons Learned

Real-world advice and lessons from forwarders and consultants that have traveled the route to digitization.

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Ensuring ROI

Things to know and do to ensure your digital investment positively impacts your revenue and profits.

Presented by

Paul Zalai
Director of the Freight Trade Alliance (AUS)
Sean Crook
Director of NEOLINK

Julian Alvarez
CEO of Logixboard

Shane D'Aprile
Director (AUS) of OrangeLime Consulting

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