Automating Forwarding Processes with Descartes

Descartes software offers solutions for freight forwarders and brokerages to level-up their in-house and agent operations by adding automation and increased efficiency to shipment management, customs compliance, and accounting.

Although already a rising topic of discussion in the logistics industry and amongst supply chain stakeholders beforehand, the 2020 pandemic showed freight forwarders and brokerages that there must be automation, greater visibility, and digital tools to meet the growing expectations of logistics provider operations.

Descartes’ forwarder and broker solutions give users opportunities to focus on automating tasks in their operations to build more scalable, efficient, and productive workflows. Their shipment management solutions, product/duty classification tools, and custom entry features help Descartes users provide a more comprehensive experience for their shippers/BCOs.

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Shipment Management

Shipment management features on Descartes are aimed to elevate import and export management. The solutions focus on creating more streamlined and automated processes while offering all stakeholders better visibility into the status of an order.

  • Multimodal shipment management: workflow management tools for shipment booking to delivery processes.
  • Customer visibility portal: customer communication and visibility tools for transparency of shipment status and milestones.
  • Accounting: financial tools for accounting management and reporting.
  • Rating: a rate engine solution that secures competitive transportation rate options.
  • Quoting: quoting tools that provide quick, accurate quotes to customers that have automation features for conversion to contracts/invoices.
  • Advanced reporting: analytics tools for performance insights on challenges and opportunities facing an operation,

Product Classification and Duty Determination

Descartes’ Global Trade Compliance Solution enables automated item classification, duty management, and step-by-step compliance workflow documentation.

Made to improve compliance, reduce time spent manually looking up information, and reduce costs associated with errors, these tools help logistics professionals manage imports and exports.

  • Trade data library: product classification valuations from a comprehensive library of duty, tax, tariff, and free trade data.
  • Global trade intelligence workbench: trade management workbench that provides workflow management, audit recording, and document storage.
  • Trade data to oracle GTM: shares up-to-date duty and classification data with Oracle GTM.
  • Trade data for SAP GTS: shares up-to-date duty and classification data with SAP GTS.

Customs Entries

To help logistics service providers navigate cross-border trade, Descartes created specific tools to help with filing productivity and the performance of customs entries.

  • Streamlined compliance: a platform for managing security filing and declaration submissions.
  • Customer visibility: a white-labeled portal with automated email notifications to provide a digital customer experience.
  • Duties & taxes: a database of duty and tax data that is updated frequently.
  • Document management: digital record keeping and audit trail.
  • Robust accounting: multi-divisional financial and reporting tools integrated directly into the software.
  • Advanced reporting: analytics tools for performance insights on an operation’s challenges and opportunities.

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