Thousands of Dollars in Saved Manpower for Corten Ltd. After Partnering with Logixboard to Scale

About Corten

Corten Ltd. is a leading international freight forwarder based in the UK specializing in providing secure logistical solutions across various sectors, including air freight, sea freight, road freight, supply chain management, and distribution. 

At Corten Logistics, their team understands that every logistical requirement is unique. That’s why they approach each consignment on a case-by-case basis, tailoring services to meet customers’ specific needs. Whether you have budget constraints or require urgent delivery, Corten offers logistical solutions that are customized to your requirements.

They believe in a customer-centric approach, prioritizing relationship-building and problem-solving. Their goal is to develop long-term partnerships with customers, understanding their unique challenges and finding lasting and tailored solutions.

When Corten recognized the need to streamline manual steps that were impeding the productivity of their operators, it was this pursuit of optimization that led them to Logixboard. What caught their attention was not only Logixboard’s platform for customers to access information and data, but also its capability to provide document management, analytics, and a comprehensive view of all shipments in one place. This sealed the deal for Corten in partnering with Logixboard.

Partnering with Logixboard to Scale

Unlike many other forwarders where different individuals handle various steps of the supply chain, Corten takes a different approach. Each operator at Corten is trained to work end-to-end with their customers throughout the shipment journey. They serve as single points of contact, overseeing quotes to invoicing, and anything in between. 

This model offers customers the comfort of speaking with someone who possesses in-depth knowledge of their shipments, detailed information on delivery status, reasons for early or delayed delivery, and the current location of their goods. 

However, this system also highlighted that many manual customer interactions were simple questions that, when stacked together throughout the day, take up a significant amount of their operators’ time.

Corten recognized that many customer inquiries could be automatically addressed if their customers understood how to access and retrieve information from their system themselves. However, they found their current TMS lacked a user-friendly, customer-facing option for their shippers. That’s when they came across Logixboard. 

With Logixboard, Corten eliminated the need for customers to wait on hold or for operators to divert their time answering simple questions that could be easily retrieved from the Logixboard platform. These efficiency gains have allowed Corten to optimize its’ resources, enhance its overall customer experience, and scale more effectively.

Leveraging New Technology for Increased Operational Efficiency

After a quick implementation process with Logixboard, Corten experienced a significant improvement in its operational efficiency. Implementing new technology platforms or systems can often be a daunting task, but Corten found the onboarding process with Logixboard to be incredibly simple and intuitive. 

Customers being able to upload documents such as invoices and relevant shipment information proved to be a huge benefit for Corten, as it reduced the number of inbound inquiries. Mike Levy noted that they experienced a drastic reduction in the daily barrage of questions related to shipment statuses, delays, invoices, and document requests.

“Anytime you can get a customer to do some of the job for you, it’s a win,” said Mike Levy. “Customers being able to not only download, but also upload, the relevant commercial documents is a huge benefit.”

The impact of Logixboard on Corten’s operational efficiency was tangible and quantifiable. They could clearly see how many hours their operators saved on a daily, weekly, and yearly basis by utilizing the platform. 

Mike Levy stated that Logixboard’s contribution had made a significant monetary impact. By streamlining processes and automating certain tasks, Logixboard enabled Corten to optimize their workforce and allocate resources more efficiently.

The platform’s features and functionalities significantly reduced the need for repetitive and time-consuming tasks that were previously done manually. Logixboard’s automation has allowed Corten’s operators to focus on more critical and value-added activities, enhancing overall productivity and efficiency within the company.

Winning New Business by Strengthening Customer Relationships

Logixboard offerings have proven to be a valuable asset not only for Corten’s existing customers but also in securing new business opportunities. The capabilities of the solution have become a focal point in sales conversations, allowing Corten to differentiate itself from its competitors and highlight the enhanced customer experience they provide. 

According to Mike Levy, using Logixboard in sales conversations immediately entices prospects by showcasing the convenience and efficiency they would have at their fingertips when working with Corten.

Corten expresses enthusiasm for using Logixboard as a tool to attract and retain customers. The ability to demonstrate the platform to prospects provides peace of mind and reassurance about the quality of service they will receive, both technologically and through the personalized approaches of Corten’s operators.

“When I’m bringing new clients on board or when I’m trying to win new business, one of the first things I will do is say, have a look at my digital tracking platform,” said Mike Levy.

Corten’s utilization of Logixboard had a specifically profound impact on one of its customers about six months ago. The self-serve visibility provided by the platform brought immense joy to an upper-level employee who had been on maternity leave. She was able to access visibility data for a high-profile shipment at her convenience, even in the middle of the night. 

She let Corten know that knowing the shipment had been collected at the origin brought her a sense of relief and allowed her to sleep peacefully. Mike and his team were excited to see their new customer experience solution alleviating stress and uncertainty for individuals who have larger things happening in their lives while trying to manage their supply chain.

This feedback not only reflects the effectiveness and value of Logixboard but also highlights the satisfaction and trust it instills in Corten’s customers.

A Tool for Success

Logixboard has proven to be a game-changer for Corten, delivering numerous benefits across various aspects of its operations. Mike Levy highlighted that the platform’s simplicity also resonates with customers. 

Corten likes that Logixboard captures the exact data and metrics that customers are interested in, focusing on providing relevant information rather than overwhelming them with unnecessary details. As a result, customers have consistently expressed their delight and satisfaction upon logging into the platform.

The automation provided by Logixboard’s features and functionalities has revolutionized Corten’s workflows. 

By leveraging Logixboard, Corten can provide a seamless and transparent supply chain experience, making a lasting impression on both existing and potential customers.

“I would say you would be remiss if you didn’t give Logixboard a chance,” said Mike Levy, encouraging others to utilize the power of Logixboard. 

Logixboard has become an invaluable tool for Corten, driving revenue, improving customer experience, and enhancing internal efficiency. As Corten continues to leverage Logixboard, it positions itself as a leader in the freight forwarding space, providing exceptional service and value to its customers.

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