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Interworld Panama doubles volume and retains employees with personalized local service and Logixboard

About Interworld Freight

Interworld Freight is a multi-location logistics provider focused on one thing: taking genuine care of employees and customers.

This ethos has helped Interworld grow with stability, as the relationship between their employees and customers is real and trusting.

This is largely due to Farouk Gomati, Vice President of Interworld, who is consistently looking for ways to keep his employees and customers happy.

He realized that having a culture of transparency coupled with giving employees and customers modern technology could deepen those relationships and provide even better experiences to their customers.

So, when they opened a new office in Panama, they began searching for technology solutions, and they ultimately chose Logixboard as the technology to further cultivate those customer relationships.

What they found after bringing Logixboard into their boutique Panamanian operation however, was that technology like Logixboard would do more than just help them delight their customers. 

They discovered it would lead to expanded volume from key accounts, help them win business over some of the largest forwarders in the world, and retain employees when digital-first forwarders started moving into their market.

Confidence To Win Against Larger Forwarders

The small Interworld sales team in Panama began adding Logixboard into their customer conversations, which has increased their confidence in winning against their competition.

Sales have since skyrocketed.

“When seeing Logixboard, our potential customers are getting a WOW factor they aren’t used to,” says Juan Mosquera, General Manager of the Panama office. 

“Logixboard has helped us gain a lot of confidence when targeting corporate and enterprise accounts. We are taking away volume from big multinationals.”

Now with Logixboard, Interworld can compete and win deals against these giants because they are differentiating their services from everyone else by combining their personalized local service with digital tools customers want and need to manage their supply chain.

“Logixboard has made a big difference to the customers we are targeting because we aren’t just offering good customer service or competitive rates. We are offering something else that can help our customers and make their job easier,” added Mosquera.

Doubling Revenue With Key Accounts

With happy customers getting the benefits of a digital solution like Logixboard, not only is Interworld winning new customers, but they also are expanding volume with some of their largest accounts.

“We grew one of our largest and most important accounts through Logixboard.” explained Gomati. “For us being so young in the market, being able to present Logixboard was vital to winning a lot more volume.”

“We have doubled our revenue with them. We were invoicing on a monthly basis around $200k, and now with Logixboard integrated to CargoWise we have doubled that number,” added Gomati.

And with other customers it has been a lot more. 

“Another customer is one of the biggest manufacturers in Latin America,” added Gomati.

“Logixboard has helped us a lot here because this is an account every big multinational is trying to get. Now, we are handling their shipments, their POs, we do pretty much everything for them.”

“We were invoicing on a monthly basis around $200k, and now with Logixboard integrated to CargoWise we have doubled that number.”
– Farouk Gomati, Vice President of Interworld

Fending Off Digital Forwarders

When a digital-first forwarder began moving into the Latin American market, they were actively trying to recruit employees from Interworld’s Panamanian office – but to no avail.

“They haven’t been able to take any employees, even by offering more money,” said Gomati. 

“We have a culture aspect at Interworld that is very important, where employees feel like they have all the tools they need to get the job done well.”

“Logixboard provides us with a digital component that helps our employees trust that we aren’t a regular forwarder like the thousands that are around.”

“Our culture is very strong in terms of why people want to stay with us. Our employees are coming from big freight forwarders, and they see they have finally found a company starting in Panama. There is finally an independent freight forwarder that is different in terms of culture and technology.

“The fact we have an ecosystem of technology tools, like CargoWise and Logixboard that work so well together, helps in intangible and tangible ways and makes our employees feel like they are in the right place,” Gomati concluded.

This transparency has created a culture of trust from the employees, which has thereby created confidence in the data they provide to clients, and in the company they work for.

Boutique Office. Big Time Results. 

Interworld has figured out that it doesn’t matter how big they are – they can still compete and win any account against any other forwarder.

“We are a boutique type of freight forwarder,”added Mosquera. “We come in not only with great customer service but also leveraging a tool that helps us show that we are where the other big companies are in terms of visibility, tracking, and control.”

“One of our biggest customers has been growing month by month giving us more volume and one of the main reasons is because they know we use Logixboard.”

By developing a business focused on caring for employees and customers, a boutique Latin American freight forwarder like Interworld Panama can do more than just survive in this market.

When adding a digital customer experience platform like Logixboard, small forwarders can go from surviving to thriving in their market.

“Being able to use Logixboard is part of the mix that makes employees want to stay with us, customers want to stay with us and grow with us, and it makes potential customers look at us.”
– Farouk Gomati, Vice President of Interworld