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How BTi Logistics Is Using the Logixboard Platform To Drive Revenue, Increase Operational Efficiency, and Stay Ahead of the Logistics Curve

About BTi Logistics

BTi Logistics is a well-established Australian-owned freight forwarding and third-party logistics company that operates across Australia, New Zealand, and Singapore. Originating in 1988 as a small Melbourne-based freight forwarding firm named Bechtrans International, BTi Logistics underwent a rebranding in 2002, becoming BTi Logistics. Since then, they have experienced steady growth by expanding their service offerings and providing comprehensive fulfillment solutions to their clients.

The company has earned a strong reputation in the industry, built upon the core values of transparency, loyalty, and exceptional customer service. BTi Logistics offers a wide range of freight forwarding services, including import and export operations, customs brokerage, and third-party logistics (3PL). 

What sets BTi Logistics apart is their commitment to combining old-school, dedicated customer service, with a modern touch. They take pride in their team of experienced professionals who have been with the company for many years, ensuring a high level of expertise and personalized attention. 

However, they also recognize the importance of leveraging technology to enhance their operations. This is where Logixboard comes into play, providing the modern touch needed to support and streamline their customer service efforts, ensuring efficient and transparent communication with their clients.

Partnering to Level Up Customer Experience

While BTi acknowledges that its current TMS is excellent and covers all of its internal operation needs, they recognized that the customer experience it provided did not meet their desired standards. 

As they found themselves competing against larger freight organizations that continue to grow and develop/procure their own customer-facing offerings, BTi realized the importance of setting themselves apart from the competition by offering enhanced digital customer experience. 

BTi Logistics came across Logixboard through an informational email while actively seeking a solution that could integrate with their transportation management system (TMS) data. After responding to the email, a conversation ensued, and it quickly became apparent that Logixboard was the platform they had been searching for. 

Impressed by the engagement and the value proposition, BTi wasted no time in implementing the solution with the Logixboard team. 

They had found a solution that would not only improve their external interactions but also provide better management tools internally, enabling them to review and optimize their processes.

Quick Time to Value

The most time-consuming aspect of the integration was simply switching off a previous, less comprehensive solution to start running their transportation management system (TMS) data through Logixboard.

“The support was great,” Michael Parakh said about the integration process. “Our hands were held throughout the process.”

The involvement of Logixboard’s founders and the support from their customer success team contacts instilled confidence in BTi that they had chosen the right platform and partners.

Feedback from BTi’s customers regarding Logixboard has been overwhelmingly positive. The platform provides them with easy access to the information they need and want to know, all in one place.

To encourage greater customer adoption of the platform, BTi recognizes the importance of providing training and support. Once customers understand the benefits of using Logixboard, their usage of the platform increases, leading to a decrease in direct inquiries to operators.

“I think it’s a really useful tool that’s going to help us win some of those larger accounts that typically as a smaller business we were not generally competing,” said Michael Parakh.

When Michael Parakh personally presented Logixboard to potential opportunities, he noticed a significant shift in interest and engagement, with the platform becoming a focal point of the conversation.

“Suddenly their eyes light up and they’re very interested in talking further,” said Michael Parakh.

BTi has found Logixboard to be a valuable asset, both in terms of enhancing customer satisfaction and positioning itself competitively in the market. The smooth onboarding process, continuous support, and positive customer feedback have solidified their confidence in the platform and its ability to support their growth.

Finding Internal Operational Value

While Logixboard is designed to cater to the customers of freight forwarders, BTi Logistics has discovered their own favorite features and capabilities within the platform. 

One such feature is the analytics and data visualization aspects, which have proven to be extremely helpful for operators. It provides them with an easy-to-understand overview of the big picture without having to delve into their less user-friendly TMS. 

“The feedback from our internal team on the analytics portion of Logixboard is really positive so far. We’re just trying to drive that engagement up with them,” said Michael Parakh about leveling up internal adoption of the Logixboard platform.

The analytics feature allows their teams to quickly access important information that would otherwise require navigating through multiple screens in their TMS. 

Implementing Logixboard has resulted in significant savings and efficiency gains for BTi by reducing unnecessary communications, making them more succinct and clear by having them directly through the platform messaging.

By streamlining their internal processes and reducing reactive customer engagement, their team is able to focus on more important tasks, such as proactive customer interactions. This approach has allowed BTi to take control of their manpower and time, ultimately benefiting returning customers, new prospects, and their own team.

Staying Ahead of the Competition with Technology

The freight forwarding industry has traditionally relied on manual communication and data-sharing methods. BTi Logistics recognizes that while this practice still prevails in much of the industry, they are committed to staying at the forefront of logistics service providers by offering modern solutions that exceed customer expectations. By embracing a platform like Logixboard, BTi is leveraging the power of technology to provide a superior customer experience.

“It’s a very aged industry. Thankfully, there are players like Logixboard coming in that are modernizing it a little bit for us,” said Michael Parakh about utilizing a bought solution for digital customer experience.

By adopting a digital customer experience solution, BTi is demonstrating its commitment to staying ahead of the curve and meeting the evolving demands of their customers.

For BTi, their focus on customers is paramount. They see Logixboard as a valuable tool that supports their mission to deliver exceptional customer service. By investing in this platform, they are equipped with impressive capabilities that enhance their interactions with customers, build up their internal efficiency, and set them apart from the competition.