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Charles Kendall Freight Uses Digital Customer Experience Platform to Amplify Sales Strategies and Internal Operational Efficiency

About Charles Kendall

Charles Kendall Freight is a well-established and respected procurement, logistics, and consultancy business based in London, England. With a focus on delivering tailored services to meet the specific needs of its customers, Charles Kendall has built a reputation for being transparent, dependable, and environmentally responsible.

However, with the rise of digital forwarders and the entrance of digital customer-facing tools in the industry, Charles Kendall found itself needing to evolve too. Outdated technology offerings from their TMS and a lack of customer-facing solutions left them wanting more to match rising customer expectations.

In this customer story, we will dive into how Charles Kendall partnered with Logixboard to deliver a technology solution that supports them in offering services that exceed customer expectations. This solution has now become an essential tool for both the operational and sales teams within Charles Kendall, providing enhanced customer experiences and improved operational efficiency.

Finding a Strategic Digital Partner

Charles Kendall embarked on a search for a strategic digital partner who could help them provide their shippers with the features, convenience, and continuous innovation they were seeking. They understood that finding the right partner was critical and sought to identify a true collaborator, rather than just another service provider. It was during this search that they came across Logixboard and were immediately impressed by what the platform and partnership had to offer.

What particularly caught the attention of the decision-makers at Charles Kendall was the transparency and user-friendliness of Logixboard. The platform was aesthetically pleasing, and navigation was intuitive, making it easy to use. While Charles Kendall already had the necessary data from their TMS, their shippers were looking for a better overall experience, and Logixboard was the perfect solution to deliver just that.

Logixboard has proven to be an exceptionally adaptable partner for Charles Kendall. Their input and needs have been taken seriously and have informed the product roadmaps, enabling Logixboard to grow with the ever-growing expectations in the industry. As a digital partner, Charles Kendall values the fact that Logixboard actively solicits feedback from their team, sellers, and customers, improving the platform’s usability and enhancing its marketability.

With Logixboard’s platform, Charles Kendall can now deliver the easy-to-use experience and concise information that their shippers require, the missing piece that they had been looking for. The next step was to incorporate their new platform into their sales strategies and to showcase it to their shippers.

Driving Easier and More Profitable Sales Discussions

Charles Kendall’s sales experience underwent a significant transformation with the integration of Logixboard. The platform enabled them to offer their customers a tangible competitive edge by providing self-serve visibility and analytics. According to Parker, it was exhilarating to participate in sales calls and witness the positive reactions from shippers as they demonstrated the platform’s capabilities and how it could benefit them.

As previously mentioned, the level of communication between Charles Kendall and Logixboard is one of the key factors that set the partnership apart. Logixboard keeps the Charles Kendall team informed about the product roadmap, enabling their sales team to incorporate upcoming innovations into their sales conversations with potential customers. This transparency, collaboration, and foresight have proven to be invaluable in building trust with their customers.

Being able to share that the platform is constantly innovating and receptive to the shipper’s growing needs creates even more trust and excitement about the platform.

Logixboard’s analytics capabilities were also a game-changer for Charles Kendall. The track and trace functionality, coupled with the customer-facing dashboard, added even more value for their internal sales teams. They realized that they could leverage these features as a powerful sales tool, demonstrating to their customers the direct value of strategic analysis they could gain from using Logixboard.

To ensure that their teams are equipped to effectively sell the platform, Charles Kendall conducts internal sales workshops on using Logixboard as a sales tool. They recognize that demonstrating how customers can use the platform to improve their own businesses can have a more significant impact than simply showcasing its features. For instance, they can present shippers with their highest volume trade lane for the month, along with other vital data, right from the platform.

By leveraging Logixboard, Charles Kendall is not only enhancing their customer experience but also driving easier and more profitable sales discussions.

Logixboard’s Impact on Operational Efficiency

Logixboard has had a significant impact on Charles Kendall’s internal operational efficiency as well. Not only have their customers found it intuitive, but even their operations team has embraced it as a valuable, easy-to-navigate tool in addition to their current TMS. The team recognized that they were not where they needed to be in terms of digitization and were eager to find a solution that would streamline communications and reduce unnecessary back-and-forth emails.

The impact of Logixboard on their operations team has been strongly felt. They have gone from sending over 20 emails for a single shipment to messaging only the necessary information in concise communications. This has helped save time and reduce confusion, allowing Charles Kendall to focus on providing exceptional service and strategy to their customers.

Logixboard has also greatly benefited the Charles Kendall operations team by serving as a centralized dashboard for their internal use. With Logixboard, team members can quickly access information about a customer’s activity, volume, shipments, and more, without having to manually create reports through their TMS.

The platform has also helped to identify areas where there are needs for improved data input, which is crucial for ensuring that operations run smoothly. Unlike reports on other systems where important information gaps may be missed, Logixboard makes it easy to see where there needs to be extra focus or attention.

Overall, Logixboard has proven to be a versatile platform that works seamlessly for customers and behind the scenes for operations teams. It allows Charles Kendall to discuss their customers’ logistics data from a shared view and understanding, making it easier to provide top-notch service and strategy.

Shippers Love this Digital CX

Charles Kendall has received overwhelmingly positive feedback from shippers regarding Logixboard. They are delighted to hear shippers praising the dashboard they have invested in, with remarks such as “This is amazing,” or “I love it.” In fact, they have not received any negative feedback, only positive comments about the platform’s ease of use, functionality, and overall value.

Shippers have provided positive feedback to Charles Kendall regarding the platform’s transparency into how their shipments are managed. This tool provides in-depth tracking and visibility for shipments, allowing customers to see where their shipments are at any given time.

This level of visibility is critical for building trust and providing a high level of service. If an issue were to arise, it can be seen immediately, allowing for faster resolution. Charles Kendall takes great pride in the quality of their work and wants their customers to see the process as well. Logixboard has been instrumental in helping showcase this commitment to quality and transparency.

Logixboard’s document management feature has been another significant benefit for Charles Kendall and their shippers. With the ability to easily upload and download documents, it has greatly improved efficiency and organization for both parties.

Furthermore, the platform’s constant innovation has allowed Charles Kendall to provide a customer experience that meets growing expectations and provides even greater visibility into their supply chains. By continually enhancing the platform’s features and functionality, Logixboard has helped to position Charles Kendall as a strategic partner committed to building long-lasting relationships with their customers.

Moving Forward: A Focus on Customer Adoption

At Charles Kendall, it is understood that the full potential of impact with Logixboard is dependent on customer adoption. That’s why they have made a continued focus on ensuring that their customers not only use the platform but use it properly and build it into their SOPs. Logixboard drives initiatives specifically aimed at supporting freight forwarders with adoption, remarketing, and sales strategies because the team is dedicated to them achieving their goals.

The number of new customers onboarded on Logixboard is a key indicator of success for Charles Kendall. This trend demonstrates that Logixboard is delivering the value that customers are looking for, and is supporting the company as they continue to grow in the right direction.

Charles Kendall recognizes that getting people to use and adopt new technology can be challenging, and as such, they have invested significant time and resources into training and support to help current customers understand and attain the most out of Logixboard. They understand that if there isn’t a focus on getting people to adopt the platform, their teams will continue to serve mainly as customer service representatives instead of strategic partners for shippers.

The partnership between Charles Kendall and Logixboard continues to thrive as they work closely together to drive adoption, remarketing, and sales strategies, while also focusing on product innovation. This ongoing collaboration helps ensure that the platform continues to deliver exceptional value to customers, while keeping the company ahead of the competition. Charles Kendall is well-positioned to continue their success in the ever-changing digital transformation of the freight forwarding industry.

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