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Across the Ocean Shipping Leverages Technology to Improve Visibility and Reduce Internal Workload

About Across the Ocean Shipping

ATOS, officially known as Across the Ocean Shipping, is a leading international logistics company with a global presence that spans the United States, Australia, and other strategically located offices worldwide. Renowned for its comprehensive suite of logistics services, ATOS caters to businesses of all types, employing dedicated and highly professional personnel who consistently go above and beyond to deliver exceptional results to their customers.

With a vast network of relationships and contracts with top cargo carriers, ATOS excels in meeting time-sensitive demands for air and sea logistics. Their extensive network of agents enables them to efficiently move cargo to destinations across the globe, catering to the diverse needs of businesses worldwide.

One of the distinctive aspects of ATOS is its dynamic company culture, blending traditional and newer logistics professionals who share a passion for their work. Above all, ATOS places utmost importance on providing the best customer service in every interaction. Their team is committed to fostering strong relationships with their customers, ensuring that their logistics requirements are met with utmost care and efficiency.

Recognizing the significance of offering an exceptional customer experience, ATOS understood that providing the right self-serve solution for their customers to access crucial visibility data at their convenience would be paramount.

Partnering with Logixboard to Accelerate Growth

For ATOS, implementing a customer-facing dashboard was seen as a crucial step in elevating their offerings as a freight forwarder. They saw the revenue-driving and operational efficiency improvement potential from working with Logixboard.

ATOS recognized the significance of pitching a customer-facing platform that provides self-serve access and visibility to shippers, particularly in the Australian region due to its logistical distance from everywhere else. 

Having a system that efficiently provides data feeds and information, reducing the need for multiple phone calls and emails, became essential to ATOS’s growth plans. However, they also believe that it is equally important that the digital tool does not negate the value of verbal communication with the customer when needed. 

The move away from manual processes involving repetitive data entry like Google Sheets, Excel spreadsheets, and weekly or daily email updates was a priority for ATOS as they focused on continuing to scale their operations and make further plans for expansion. With Logixboard, they were able to solve their biggest pain points with one solution.

Quick Implementation and Strategic Customer Onboarding

According to ATOS, the implementation of Logixboard for their team was a relatively quick process. 

“It took probably a few weeks essentially to be fully operational, and we rolled it out as soon as we had that,” stated Dakin Frantz. 

Once the internal team was equipped with the platform, ATOS began introducing it to their customers and has since continued to do so. When rolling out Logixboard to customers, ATOS initiates the process by providing training either through Zoom sessions or by visiting the customer’s sites to personally demonstrate how to use the platform.

As the Logixboard platform consistently improves, grows, and caters to new requirements from shippers, ATOS has established practices to ensure that all parties are well-informed about the updates. They hold meetings and training sessions for their internal teams to keep them up to date with the latest product enhancements. 

Additionally, when necessary, they leverage Logixboard’s support to facilitate direct customer communications, enabling them to proactively inform customers about upcoming updates and guide them on how to utilize the new features.

The notifications they receive from Logixboard, which inform them about upcoming changes, allows ATOS to showcase to their customers that their offerings are continuously evolving, innovative, and always staying ahead of the curve. 

By consistently providing improved solutions, ATOS strengthens the relationship and trust between themselves and their customers, demonstrating their commitment to delivering exceptional service.

Enhancing Customer Loyalty with Real-Time Data and Visibility

ATOS expressed that their collaboration with Logixboard has also presented them with the opportunity to identify and rectify any gaps in data within their system. This newfound visibility allows them to confidently promise customers an unmatched level of transparency to foster trust and openness. Any errors or gaps would be immediately visible to the customers.

ATOS leverages this aspect as an internal training tool for its operations team as well. By observing how data is displayed in Logixboard, they can identify areas where manual inputting into their Transportation Management System (TMS) can be improved. If something is inaccurately inputted, Logixboard displays the errors, providing valuable feedback for the team.

According to Dakin Frantz, “With the SOPs based on the procedures of what they’ve got to do in the operating system, this helps us to train our staff to go, ‘Okay, you’ve missed this one.'” 

In ATOS’s TMS, there are approximately ten different tabs where dates can be entered. However, there may be instances where the dates are correct but placed in the wrong tab, which does not export correctly into the system and subsequently into Logixboard. Logixboard tangibly demonstrates where errors occur due to such inputting issues, acting as an additional proofreader and enabling ATOS to correct the entry locations.

Thus, Logixboard not only provides ATOS’s customers with the assurance of complete visibility into their shipments and forwarding partners, but it has also led to significant improvements in their data entry procedures. The platform acts as a catalyst for accuracy and accountability, benefiting both ATOS and their valued clients.

Leveraging Digitization to Level Up Internal Operations

ATOS has recognized the importance of digitizing their operations for quite some time, understanding that it is crucial for staying ahead of the curve. They were actively searching for the right partner to support their operations in this digital transformation. The impact on internal efficiency and the ability to scale their business made it evident that acquiring a platform for digital customer experience was not a question of “if,” but rather “which one” and “when.”

“It amazes me how freight orders are still working on Google Sheets and customers are still working on spreadsheets,” expressed Dakin Frantz, highlighting the need for a more streamlined and modern approach to operations. 

With Logixboard, ATOS has been able to reclaim valuable time for their operators per shipment, while also enhancing the efficiency of each operator by eliminating unnecessary communications and data sharing with customers. 

Although the option for customer interaction remains available, the self-serve aspect of Logixboard significantly reduces the number of easily answered questions from customers about the status of their shipments.

This reduction in manual communication frees up valuable time for the team, enabling them to focus on seeking new business opportunities and scaling their operations more effectively.

Discussing the biggest value derived from their partnership with Logixboard, Dakin Frantz identified the ability to scale. The platform has empowered ATOS to handle increased volumes and cater to larger clients, allowing them to expand their business and seize growth opportunities with confidence. 

Customers Love Logixboard

ATOS has seen the value of Logixboard as a tool for expanding their volume of business, whether it involves onboarding new customers or nurturing existing client relationships. By leveraging Logixboard, ATOS not only enhances its exceptional service but also sets itself apart from its competitors by providing customers with dashboard access and visibility.

“They can see where their cargo is all the time,” affirmed Dakin Frantz, emphasizing the benefit of real-time tracking and visibility that Logixboard offers. 

ATOS utilizes the platform to provide additional convenience and value to their customers. Customer accounting teams can also easily access invoices and payment statuses, eliminating the need for customers to call or chase them through emails.

They leverage the continuous updates to Logixboard as an opportunity to showcase their own growing offerings to customers. Their commitment to innovation and meeting the evolving expectations of shippers strengthens their relationships with current clients. 

These capabilities have become key selling points for ATOS.

While tracking portal systems have been present in the logistics industry for some time, ATOS acknowledges that prospective customers may have varying levels of exposure to such technology. For those encountering Logixboard for the first time, the response is often enthusiastic. 

In those situations, Dakin Frantz shared that he’s received reactions like, “Fantastic. Amazing. Never seen something like this before.” 

When engaging with customers who are more familiar with similar technologies, ATOS emphasizes points such as the tech’s continuous innovation, their operators’ customized approach, and other factors to secure their acquisition.

Regardless of the customer’s level of technological familiarity, Logixboard remains a central component of ATOS’s customer acquisition strategy. Dakin Frantz shared the Logixboard dashboard is regularly used as a selling tool when out on the road. 

In an industry increasingly driven by digitization, the key differentiating factors lie in superior offerings for customers, a team well-versed in maximizing technology, and partnerships with technology providers that stay ahead of the curve of innovation. ATOS understands and embraces these factors to thrive in the evolving logistics landscape.

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