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Innovative data-driven solutions to optimize world trade

Who We Are

Two brothers join forces to push the boundaries of global trade, daring to reinvent the experience of shipping freight.

We believe the experience of shipping freight is broken – it is our mission to help this trillion dollar industry make a move into the digital age. The logistics and transportation industry is in the verge of a technological disruption and we intend to help companies stay up to date with emerging technologies allowing them to remain technologically relevant in this highly competitive market.

The Founders

Juan Alvarez, Co-Founder

It all started with long days full of inefficacies and endless nights of frustration. When Co-founder, Juan Alvarez, graduated college his first job was in the freight forwarding industry – his job consisted of managing logistics operations for large enterprise shippers.

“Every day was a struggle, how was it possible that one of the largest industries in the world had managed to stay stuck in the past? No connectivity across systems, no visibility, no streamlined communication, no transparency… but wait, that was just the beginning. How where all of these companies supposed to pave a clear path towards the future when their data was stuck in file cabinets and in outdated servers? I always asked myself, does big data analytics, AI and IOT not ring a bell?”

Julian Alvarez, Co-Founder

From a young age Julian Alvarez, Co-founder & President of Logixboard, had a passion for numbers, which lead him to study statistics, economics and decision science at Carnegie Mellon University. After taking part in two successful startups, he became fascinated with building teams and pushing innovation forward.

“It’s about putting the best talent together and building a culture that promotes innovation and creativity, that is when magic happens. We analyzed the market, its size and the immense potential to build something special, but most importantly we saw a need for disruptive innovation.”

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