Enhance Your Analytics and Reporting with CO2 Emissions Tracking

Logixboard helps your clients make more environmentally conscious decisions by gaining visibility into shipment carbon emissions.

With CO2 emission tracking they will be able to:

  • Monitor, report, and address their carbon footprint.

  • Receive more analytics and emissions impact analysis.

  • Showcase their intention to “go green” and place more emphasis on corporate social responsibility

…and we do so much more ⬇️


A modern customer experience platform connected directly to your TMS

Grow sales

Win new contracts against the biggest competitors. Expand current customer accounts. Retain your best customers.

Increase efficiency

Reduce emails, phone calls and spreadsheets. Free up your team for other more important tasks. Scale with less hiring.

A true partnership

Full sales and marketing support. Customer onboarding and training. Set up in weeks, not months

Optimizing all your customer interactions

Easily Connect Your 

TMS to Logixboard

For popular TMS systems, one integration is all you need to connect to Logixboard. This simple process comes with live support so you can get setup in days, not weeks.

What our clients say

The proof that a product delivers tremendous and continuous value to customers and users? Great testimonials and customer referrals. We have them by the truckload.