Utilizing CargoWise Partners to Master Workflows

CargoWise is a cloud-based digital software platform for logistics service providers to manage and execute their operations. They also offer a complete list of qualified platform experts to make sure forwarders have all they need to use their features successfully. These industry specialists are available to help on all sides of a forwarder’s process:

CargoWise’s workflow features configure each step of a forwarder’s operation process on their platform, automating the operation for greater efficiency for both forwarders and their customers. We’ve outlined how these experts will partner with freight forwarders to get the most from CargoWise workflows below. When used correctly, these workflow features can help streamline processes, create more internal visibility of upcoming tasks, and reduce the time it takes to complete an overall shipment.

Auditing Your Process

Before forwarders can successfully integrate their processes into CargoWise workflows, they need to inspect every step of their process from start to finish.

“We do a high level deep dive, on what’s your process. What are the pain points we’re trying to solve here? Is it internal, is it external? Is it for visibility purposes? Are you looking to give your operators a SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) guide.”

 Mohan Dipsingh, President of PositivePC

It’s important to get a holistic view of the process to see where inefficiencies occur and where CargoWise software can make a difference. CargoWise certified partners provide services to help forwarders map each step and build a complete picture of their process to aid in the integration.

Integrating Processes with CargoWise Workflow

The next step is actually integrating your processes onto the software. Partners take your operational goals, whether they be heightened automation and efficiency or more customer facing visibility, and help you set up CargoWise to help you reach your unique goals.

“Workflow is an engine in CargoWise and the intention is to take the forwarders standard process and basically program it into CargoWise. So that CargoWise drives their process.”

Holly Scott, US Director at OrangeLime Consulting

CargoWise partners help you implement, configure, and start using your software in record time. Their expertise will help guide you through each step of integrating CargoWise into your current operations to ensure it is done correctly and has your desired results. Additional training from partners also gives freight forwarders the tools they need to make their operations teams ready to get the most from their new integration themselves.

Reach out to CargoWise partners to guarantee that you are instilling best practices into your own CargoWise experience to ensure maximum efficiency and visibility. Logixboard has partnered with a team of CargoWise certified experts to create a CargoWise workflow training white paper to provide freight forwarders the insight they need when onboarding their processes on the platform. This will also help optimize your operations to form a superior customer experience when pairing CargoWise with Logixboard.

In the white paper, we describe the main CargoWise workflow software features that help automate forwarding processes as a tool for freight forwarders to utilize the productivity capabilities of CargoWise to win against the emerging industry competition and provide a better experience for their customers.