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X2 Members,

Deliver Superior
Customer Experiences & Grow

Your customers expect best-in-class service. Deliver it with a modern,
TSM-integrated, customer experience platform.  The white-label capability
ensures your brand gets the recognition it deserves.

Real-time visibility
on demand

Give your customers real-time shipment tracking, invoicing, analytics and more in a modern, user friendly interface that integrates quickly and seamlessly with your current logistics software.

real time shipment visibility
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No more chasing documents

Customers can upload/download shipment documents. Documents sync with your TMS in real-time. Automatic notifications alert you and your customers anytime a new document is uploaded.

Customers save time by eliminating back and forth emails and phone calls, and reduce the risk of delays, customs holds and fees.

And your team won’t have to spend time chasing down customs and other documents.

“We were invoicing on a monthly basis around $200k, and now with Logixboard integrated to CargoWise we have doubled that number.”

Farouk Gomati
Vice President, Interworld Freight

Efficient, timely communication

Disorganized, decentralized communications, and Supply chain problems have your customers on edge. Freight forwarders with centralized communication channels find it easier to audit customer claims and maintain regulatory data for instant retrieval.

Real-time exceptions alerts, shipment notifications, and in-app messages keep you and your customer informed in real-time, eliminating back and forth emails and phone calls.

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More organized accounting

Chasing invoices, back and forth email threads and self-performed audits create gaps in communication and questions surrounding accurate, up-to-date information.

Now you can give multiple customer representatives access to your customer portal where they can see all invoices and breakdowns of cost in one place.

Automatically syncs with your TMS to let customers quickly find outstanding invoices and see a full statement of their account in one place.

“In three months, we fully implemented Logixboard, and not only did this help us retain our current customers, but we won an additional $50M worth of new revenue...”

Brandon Mueller
VP North America, RIM Logistics, Ltd.

Beautiful analytics
and reports

In reaction to customer requests for reporting, you’ve created complex, time-consuming custom spreadsheet reports. Eliminate customer friction and decrease waiting times so your customer gets beautifully organized reports on demand.

Your customers save time with built-in reports and make better decisions to optimize their supply chain.

You get to eliminate compiling data, managing spreadsheets and manually creating QBRs.

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Even more for you and your customers to love

Sales rocket fuel

Digital-first forwarders can take customers and win contracts away from you if you can’t differentiate your business.

We won’t let that happen. Not only do you get a turnkey, differentiated experience your customers will absolutely love, we also give you a full suite of sales, marketing, and training assets to personalize a journey that drives more new business.

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Usually when we work tech partners there are more things to do on my end. With Logixboard, I didn’t need to do anything. It’s awesome.
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Chan Chum
IT Manager, Dedola Global Logistics

Turnkey integration
in as few as 10 days

We know that integrating logistics technology can be hard, messy and complicated. When so many freight forwarders have been burned by technology providers, it’s easy to understand why integrating in 10 days seems like another empty promise.

We make it super easy. We’ve done so many integrations we’ve stopped counting, and our expert integration team does nearly all the work for you and your team. You can go as quick or as slow as you want. Whatever it is. We will be there for you.


How many users can I add to my company’s Logixboard instance / license?

You can add as many users as you want or need for your organization.

Does Logixboard give customers visibility across all modes?


Which Descartes product does Logixboard integrate with?

Logixboard integrates with Descartes OneView.

How does Logixboard integrate with Cargowise?

Logixboard uses the eAdaptor to both fetch information from CW1 and write information back to CW1.