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Road Freight Visibility Made Easy

Streamline your business and increase internal efficiency by giving your teams a unified supply chain experience.

Real-Time Updates All in One Place

Give your clients self-serve road freight visibility, which helps them plan and better execute on supply chain management activities.

All in one place, your customers will be able to satisfy their needs for freight tracking, documentation handling, reporting and communication, reducing pressure on your internal domestic teams.

Find Critical Information in Seconds

Help your clients find all the critical shipment information they need in a matter of seconds thanks to our best-in-class locating, routing, and quick filtering tools.

This will increase your internal efficiency and vastly reduce the amount of emails, text messages and phone calls between you and your clients.

“In three months, we fully implemented Logixboard, and not only did this help us retain our current customers, but we won an additional $50M worth of new revenue...”

Brandon Mueller
VP North America, RIM Logistics, Ltd.

Stay Ahead of the Curve

Give your clients a one-stop-shop for all their road freight needs, strengthening loyalty towards your brand and retaining business.

Leverage road freight visibility as a sales tool to win new business against digital-first freight brokers and level the playing field.

Easily Tying All Your
Data Together In Our Customer Portal

Road Freight Visibility is only one of the features we provide that can help unify the supply chain experience for your internal team and clients.

Other Premium Features We Offer:

CO2 Emissions Reporting


Automated Container Tracking

Order Visibility

Warehouse Product Inventory Visibility

ACH/Credit Card Payments

“We were invoicing on a monthly basis around $200k, and now with Logixboard integrated to CargoWise we have doubled that number.”

Farouk Gomati
Vice President, Interworld Freight

Even more for you and your customers to love

Sales rocket fuel

Digital-first forwarders can take customers and win contracts away from you if you can’t differentiate your business.

We won’t let that happen. Not only do you get a turnkey, differentiated experience your customers will absolutely love, we also give you a full suite of sales, marketing, and training assets to personalize a journey that drives more new business.


Which CargoWise modules / files are supported?


At launch, both Shipment (S) and Port Transport (T) files will be supported. Brokerage (B) and Transport Booking (TB) files are roadmapped as a future improvement.

What kind of trucking jobs are supported?


The experience is optimized for Full Truckload (FTL) and Less-Than-Truckload (LTL), but also supports Containerized freight moves.

Are there any geographical limitations for the experience?


No! This new experience is applicable to LSPs globally.

Is live (dot-on-map) tracking available yet?


Not at launch but it's on our roadmap.