Warehouses Insulated From US Banking Crisis As Space Remains Tight


As COVID-19 shook the world, one of the industries to see extensive growth was e-commerce and trade. Thanks to lockdowns and restrictions, people chose to spend on various goods from the comfort of their homes. As demand increased across 2020-21, the industry felt the need to expand storage space to cater to consumer needs. As […]

How To Show Proof To Back Up Your Freight Forwarding Rates

ship at the dock loaded with containers

Having solid evidence to back up your rates can make all the difference when it comes to building trust, opening up pricing conversations, and ultimately winning new business. Let’s talk about the issue of proof in freight forwarding […]

Manifest Weekly: March 15-21, 2023

LXB Manifest March 15-21, 2023

What we’re covering: How carriers and forwarders are finding sustainable supply chain goals faltering at the procurement stage, this week’s featured stories, FedEx planning to reduce flight hours this quarter due to continued […]

Logistics Companies Hold Back Demand Surge Expectations As Retailers Reduce New Orders


Thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, the industry experienced a surge in demand across 2020-2021, as people dealt with lockdowns and restrictions. Supply chains meanwhile faced multiple disruptions in the form of delays, port congestion, and more. Finally in 2022, due to inflationary pressure, demand dropped, and the supply chains were able to regain a sense […]

Manifest Weekly: March 8-14, 2023

LXB Manifest Weekly March 8-14

What we’re covering: How logistics operators in the US slashed nearly 17,000 jobs last month as e-commerce demand falls, this week’s featured stories, the European Union relaxing rules on tax breaks and benefits for clean-tech companies, […]

Real-Time Shipment Visibility: What It Is (and What It’s Not)

Real-Time Shipment Visibility

Real-time shipment visibility refers to the process of getting up-to-date information on your cargo at every step along its journey, from leaving the warehouse to reaching its final destination. This level of visibility allows businesses to monitor their shipments continuously, receive alerts in case of delays

Freight Companies Apprehensive Spending On Green Freight Transport

Freight Companies Apprehensive Spending On Green Freight Transport

It’s 2023, and the industry is finally, collectively looking toward sustainability as a serious concern. Following the concept of encouraging green initiatives, governments too are looking toward legislation and rules to make eco-friendly the norm. With efforts like zero-carbon emissions and reducing pollution through the use of EVs and autonomous vehicles, sustainability is soon becoming […]

Manifest Monthly: March

LXB Manifest Monthly March

A few months ago, I had a very strange interaction on LinkedIn. Essentially the sentiment was, “Oh, you work for that side of the industry… good luck.” And it got me thinking, why do we always seem to want to create sides?